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Dew Point Meters

Dew Point Meters

Low Capital Investment. Long Life and Low Maintenance.

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Nortec Dew Point Meters are offered with our equipment and also as separate aftermarket products. Compact and reliable, they continuously monitor air dryer performance, compressed air quality and dry gas moisture, from ambient dewpoint levels to as low as -148º F (-100º C).

We utilize state-of-the-art-microprocessor technology with built-in “smart” features. The user-friendly LCD interface is easy to learn and use, even in tight or low light plant conditions. Meters include a pressure correction feature, fully-automated field calibration with no additional equipment, and indicators for open sensors, shorts, or electronic failures, which can activate alarm relays.

The user can select Engineering Units Dewpoint in º C or º F, ppmv, g H2O/m3, lbs H2O/ million scf.

Available options include programmable alarm relays settable to any dewpoint (ideal for energy saving in desiccant dryers), programmable analog current or voltage output, and a computer port interface for simple operation with any standard communications program.

Industry-Standard Performance
And Exceptional Quality

Applications include monitoring and control of:

Sensor Type:Input Resolution:Indicators:Isolation:Alarm Relays Option:Power Requirements:Connections:Enclosure:Temperature range of electronics:Optional Features:Warranty: