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Industrial Process Chiller

Industrial Process Chillers

Protect Critical Equipment. Increase Production. Reduce Costs.

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The most compelling reason for using a chiller is the continuous protection it provides to your valuable process equipment. It represents a small fraction of your total investment, yet it extends the life of your equipment by many years.

Chillers are typically used with high heat generating processes such as:

  • Lasers
  • Molds and dies
  • High temp. mixers
  • Printers
  • Welders
  • Injection & Blow molding
  • Plasma cutting
  • Food processing

By maintaining a constant cooling temperature in the production process, the speed and accuracy of production is greatly enhanced. In some cases, processes may function properly in cooler months but fail during summer.  A water chiller will immediately eliminate this problem, and may even optimize production during other seasons.

Chillers also eliminate the need for outside water sources and sewage fees. This can significantly reduce production costs. By doing a simple cost analysis, it can be surprising to realize how quickly a chiller pays for itself and continues saving money for years to come.

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Industrial Process Chiller Principles of Operation

Industry-Standard Performance
And Exceptional Quality

Optional Features

Standard Features

Industrial Process Chiller Charts
Model No.BTHU (Capacity)Tons (Capacity)No. of comp.Power Input (KW)FLOW GPMFLA @ 460 3 60HP (Pump)GPM (Pump)PSIG (Pump)FLA (Pump)IN/OUT ConnectionsL x W x H (Inches)Weight (Lbs)

Nortec Performance Advantages

The performance of any industrial chiller depends on the quality of its key components. Nortec uses the best available valves, controllers and
desiccant. With accurately designed and sized components, the chillers are manufactured to provide you with years of trouble-free operation.

High Performance Compressors

Depending on the capacity and application, one of these three types of high-quality energy saving compressors are used on Nortec machines.

  • High Efficiency Scroll Compressor
  • Semi Hermetic High Performance Piston Compressor
  • Semi Hermetic Energy Saver Screw Compressor Open Drive Rotary Screw Compressor

Air Cooled Condensers

Air cooled condensers are constructed from high thermal efficiency copper tubes, coils and aluminum fins and are rated for 1000 F ambient temperature.

Water Cooled Condensers

Water cooled condensers are designed according to ASME standards with carbon steel shell and copper tubes to provide adequate cooling capacity that exceeds the refrigeration demand. All Nortec water cooled units are equipped with head  pressure control and energy saver water regulating valve.


Fluid chill evaporators are either shell-and-tube type or brazed stain- less steel plate type and are designed for high heat transfer efficiency. Each refrigeration zone has its own independent evaporator, so failure of one refrigeration compressor will have no effect on the other circuits.


Nortec closed-coupled and base-mounted centrifugal pumps provide economical performance for a wide range of applications of varying flow rate and head pressure. (Flow rates up to 500 GPM and head pressure up to 140 feet). These high-quality pumps meet low net positive suction head pressure requirements (NPSHR) without sacrificing efficiency. The large seal chamber provides a wide fluid passage for maximum cooling of the seal face and allows debris and gases to be flushed away.


Evaporators are either shell-and-tube type or brazed stainless steel plate type, and are designed for high heat transfer efficiency. Each refrigeration zone has a its own independent evaporator, so failure of one refrigeration compressor will have no effect on the other circuits.


Nortec uses state of the art controllers for optimizing the performance of these chillers. PLCs (Programmable Logic Controller) are designed with ease-of-use in mind. Their modular and versatile features make it suitable for various applications including local and remote display. Close monitoring of the supply water temperature and total control of the chiller operation allows the user to receive the highest performance from the chiller. Two methods of unloading help achieve optimal stability during variation in heat loads while maintaining constant outlet temperature and minimizing power consumption. Units that use multiple compressors monitor the outlet temperature to determine the independent unloading of each of the compressors. This energy saving feature ensures optimal energy usage and decreases the compressor wear and tear. Optional PC connections are also available.