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Nortec Compressed Air & Gas Drying Products and Fluid cooling equipment.


High Volume. Low Cost.

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Externally Heated Regenerative Compressed Air Dryers are ideal for general manufacturing and process industry applications. In External Heater models, purge air is heated outside the desiccant bed, then passed over the bed to regenerate it.

Nortec externally heated regenerative dryers provide a low -40º F/C pressure dew point for superior air line moisture protection, while offering the efficiency of convection-heated desiccant regeneration.

They feature:

  • Isolated External Heater for extra safety
  • Intelligent Valve Control for the most reliable tower cycling.
  • Heatless Back-Up Mode to prevent loss of production in the event of heater failure or maintenance.

Should you need guidance determining which type of dryer works best for your operation, our on-staff experts are happy to do an analysis and make recommendations. You can request assistance here.

Nortec Performance Advantages

The performance of any desiccant dryer depends on the quality of its key components. Nortec uses the best available valves, controllers and
desiccant. With accurately designed and sized components, the dryers are manufactured to provide you with years of trouble-free operation.

Quality Desiccant Media

Nortec uses a mixture of adsorption media in its heatless range of desiccant dryers to achieve consistent dewpoint. Activated Alumina, Molecular Sieve and Silica Gel are used in varying ratios depending on the application. The long lasting, high crush strength media has a very high surface/volume ratio.

Electronic Controllers Provide The Information You Need

All Nortec heated desiccant regenerative dryers are equipped with the state of the art PLC controllers that regulate and monitor dryer function. A simple user interface allows the operator to quickly enter settings and monitor operations, including dewpoint selection, energy cycle, diagnostics, and more. The unit can also be connected to a remote computer.

Digital Dewpoint Transmitters Optimize Operations

The digital dewpoint transmitters are compact, reliable and continuously monitor the dryer performance. With available options, monitors can be used as indicators, alarm units or as controllers. A simple interface permits the operator to choose between multiple units, output the data to a PC, set alarm levels and do field calibration of the sensor.