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Chiller Mini


Capacities From 0.3 to 22.2 Tons

Nortec mini-chillers are designed to protect valuable equipment from excessive heat in selective or compact applications. Properly-sized mini-chillers can reduce temperatures to near-ambient, potentially adding years of life to equipment. Mini-chillers can readily be incorporated into existing process systems, especially if space is a consideration.

Our energy-saving cycling mini-chillers, with integral stainless steel circulating pump and non-corrosive tank are guaranteed to provide long lasting performance. Nortec design ensures easy access to all the key components for inspection and service activities.

An innovative water-to-refrigerant evaporator is strategically positioned to minimize pressure and thermal conductivity loss while optimizing heat transfer efficiency.  Nortec mini-chillers are well suited for numerous applications, including lasers, metal cutting, and welding.

Industry-Standard Performance
And Exceptional Quality

Mini Chiller Specifications

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