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Nortec Custom Builds High Capacity Desiccant Dryer

Nortec manufactures a broad range of heatless and heated desiccant air dryers, in stock sizes to meet most industrial specifications.

However, sometimes more is needed.

That was the case with this heatless desiccant dryer, custom manufactured for a customer. This unit has a 10000 CFM capacity with Steam Regeneration, significantly larger than most plants would ever need. But, in this particular case, it was the most efficient means to resolve a very complex demand.

This wasn’t a problem, noted Masoud “Mike” Zarif, Ph.D, CEO and President of Nortec. “Our staff has decades of experience in creating systems that deliver clean, dry process air,” said Zarif. “So when someone comes to us with special requirements, we can help design and build a system that works for practically any application.

“In the past, we’ve built Refrigerant Systems as large as 20,000 CFM, desiccant systems as large as 16,000 CFM, and gas systems as large as 20,000 CFM, he said. “So it’s not a stretch for us when there’s a need for something out of the ordinary.”

Zarif said that Nortec was founded in 2008 based on three key Pillars Of Performance:

  1. Quality. Quality is the foremost goal in all our products. We specifically design our products to provide exceptional performance and stand the test of time—a must for every industry.
  2. Service. Our goal is perfection, supporting every customer in any area that is needed.
  3. Innovation And Design. We push ourselves to be the best with current industry expectations, and continuously improve to create better processes and products.

“We work hard to make sure these principles are carried out with every system we make,” he said. “And that’s particularly true when customers trust us enough so they ask us for specialized and custom systems.

To learn more, visit the company’s new website at

Custom High Capacity Desiccant Dryer