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In addition to water, compressed air can contain a number of other contaminants that can damage equipment and disrupt manufacturing processes. These can include:

  • Lubricating oil carry over from air compressors
  • Atmospheric corrosive gases drawn in by the air compressor
  • Aerosols and vapors
  • Solid particles and rust from receiver and system piping
  • Solid particles drawn in from ambient air into the air compressor

Often, the effect of high temperatures and pressures created by compressing air will concentrate these contaminants, forming acidic condensate causing corrosion and problems for pneumatic equipment and quality problems, particularly for operations such as automotive paint spraying.

So it is important for compressed air to be filtered as well as dried. Our filter systems capture virtually all contaminants. Filters are available for low- and high-pressure systems, ranging from 10-20,000 CFM. Call or use the form below to give us your system specifications, and we’ll provide filter options that fit your needs.