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Pipeline quality natural gas still contains significant amounts of moisture. In fact, temperatures in the 50 F (11 C) range can be the dew point for compressed natural gas. When moisture condenses and mixes with impurities in the gas, it can create a corrosive mixture that can damage equipment and affect delivery.

In addition, as more companies look to biogas reclaimed from landfills or other sources, there is even more need to consider drying the gas source. Biogas sources may have widely varying moisture content, plus new types of impurities, such as siloxanes, can create highly abrasive or corrosive issues within pipes and system equipment. Efficient gas drying can resolve these issues and improve the efficiency and consistency of processes using biogas sources.

Nortec Refrigerated Compressed Air/Gas Dryers can solve these issues cost effectively. View our systems here (link to High Capacity Cycling/Non-Cycling Refrigerated Compressed Air/Gas Dryers page).