Internally Heated Regenerative Compressed Air Dryers

Nortec Internally Heated Regenerative dryers supply super dry, -40º F/C pressure dew point air for critical requirements for pneumatic instruments, controls and sensitive process air. Their benefits-

  • Adjustable individual thermostats and purge flow rates, for energy-saving
  • Intelligent valve control for the most reliable tower cycling.
  • Desiccant Protection
  • Long Valve Life
  • Energy-Efficient Regeneration

Standard Features

• On/off switch
• Power on light
• Heater on light
• Activated alumina desiccant
• Desiccant fill/drain ports
• Stainless steel desiccant screens
• Rigid copper pilot air lines
• Control air filter
• 460V/3PH/60HZ supply power
• 115V control voltage transformer
• Permanently lubricated inlet transfer valve w/position indicator and depressurization safety
• Purge fl ow control valve w/pressure gauge for flow indication
• Purge exhaust mufflers
• Mechanical timer
• NEMA 1 control enclosure
• Main power and control power fuses
• Heater contactors
• Heater safety guards
• Adjustable heater thermostats
• -40 Deg.F/C pressure dew point
• Interlock Logic valve control
• Tower mounted tower pressure and temperature gauges
• Controlled repressurization
• ASME code pressure vessels
• Enamel exterior finish
• Tower lifting lugs

Optional Features

• NEMA 4 control enclosure
• Color change moisture indicator
• Mounted filters and bypass piping
• Audible alarm
• Full fl ow safety relief valves
• Digital dew point readout
• Dew point demand switching
• Energy saver
• Failure to switch/purge/pressurize
• High dew point indicator

Contact Nortec for further information and custom engineering requirements.