Filters & Separators
Why filter air?


Compressed air is a valuable source of power. It is safe, flexible and used in all areas of industry. Like any other energy source it benefits from being clean and free from impurities. Pollutants often seen in compressed air are:
  • Lubricating oil carry over from air compressors
  • Atmospheric corrosive gases drawn in by the air compressor
  • Aerosols and vapors.
  • Solid particles and rust from receiver and system piping.
  • Solid particles drawn in from ambient air into the air compressor

Often the effect of high temperatures and pressures will concentrate these contaminants, forming acidic condensate causing corrosion and problems for pneumatic equipment and quality problems for example, paint spraying. The oil carried over from the air compressor is not usually suitable for lubricating downstream equipment and must be removed.

Nortec provides a range of filters and filter elements to meet all your needs. For further information please contact us.